The 10 Best Portable Garages of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Living in a suburban area, you might have also pictured yourself with a moderate, American home and an attached garage. However, in a world of more people and less space, this may not always be able to be a reality. 

A solution to this problem? A portable car garage. A shelter garage that is ready to fit into whatever space you can provide for it, then can fit into different shapes, does the job to protect your vehicle and can be taken down and stored away at any point if needed.

Here we cover the top ten best portable garages on the market in 2020. We end with a buyer’s guide to provide you with the needed information to make an informed purchase and the end of the day.

The Top 5 Best Portable Garages in 2020

BrandProduct ImageTop BenefitPrice
Palram Vitoria Carport & Patio Cover
Best Metal Car Garage
King Canopy HC1020PC
Best Versatile and Maneuverable Carport Canopy
Abba Patio Outdoor Carport Canopy
Best Aesthetic and Budget-Friendly Carport Canopy
Abba Patio Storage Shelter
Best Full-Coverage Small Garage
DELTA Canopies
Best Round Top, Large Space Shelter

The Best Portable Garage – Reviews

1. Palram Vitoria Carport & Patio Cover – The Best Metal Car Garage



The first item on our list is stylish, simple, and perhaps most important, known to be durable. It is large enough to be able to protect a medium-sized vehicle or to act as a shelter over a patio yard in the backyard.

This portable garage is made with heavy-duty aluminum held together by galvanized steel connectors. The roofing panels are polycarbonate and bronze-tinted for a finished look. They are shatter-resistant, making it highly protective for whatever lies underneath.

The entire structure can be easily relocated after it is assembled with minimal work required.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 16 x 10 x 8 feet
  • Product Weight: 240 pounds
  • Material Type: Aluminum structure; galvanized steel connectors
  • Consumers rave about durability
  • Light aluminum build makes it easier to move
  • Stylish design doesn’t take away from neighboring homes
  • Not tall enough for all SUVs or vans; easily raised up with a footer
  • A few users found it slightly wobbly

2. King Canopy HC1020PC – The Best Versatile and Maneuverable Carport Canopy



The next up on our list of the best portable garages for 2020 is produced by King Canopy. It is a better option for budget buyers and serves to help keep everything underneath cleaner and shaded.

Its large and easily adjustable sizing options make it great for those that may need a specific size or slightly nontraditional shape. The covering and legs come in many different colors, so it doesn’t have to stand out apart from the home or yard.

It is very easy to assemble and to take down to move. This makes it a highly useful option for those looking to use for yard parties and outdoor celebrations or for things like camping. The cover acts as a UV inhibitor, fire retardant and is also water-resistant.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 10 x 20 feet
  • Product Weight: 160 pounds
  • Material Type: Steel Frame; Cloth cover
  • Easily assembled
  • Lightweight makes it more maneuverable
  • Color holds up under weather
  • Not the best option that offers protection
  • Needs to be tied down or it becomes a kite
  • May rust if in rainy areas or those close to the ocean

3. Abba Patio Outdoor Carport Canopy – The Best Aesthetic and Budget-Friendly Carport Canopy



With the options of coming in two different colors, this is an elegant and easy choice for those looking to host parties, celebrations or protect part of a yard or vehicle. 

This product is covered with a double polyethylene fabric that is UV resistant and water-resistant. This helps to increase its versatile use. The steel frame is coated so that it is resistant to rusting, chipping and peeling.

This portable garage lives up to being called portable and is easy to assemble and collapse. Foot pads are installed on the ends of the canopy legs to keep them from scarring the area in which they are set.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 78.3 x 13 x 8.9 inches
  • Product Weight: 97 pounds
  • Material Type: Power coated steel frame; Double polyethylene fabric
  • Foot pads make for a gentler stand
  • Easy assembly and collapse
  • Heavy-duty bungee cords hold it securely together
  • The cover does not seem to hold up under extreme weather
  • Heavy snow will cause damage
  • Stakes are not as high quality and may need to be replaced to be secure

4. Abba Patio Storage Shelter – The Best Full-Coverage Small Garage


A great portable garage that is really meant more to protect than just to cover up. This portable garage has a fabric covering over a steel frame. However, the difference with this one from the ones above is that the cover stretches all the way to the ground.

This garage is made with a door that is fastened easily with the use of a zipper and can be easily removed or rolled up and fastened when in use. The garage is made with a polyethylene cover that is water-resistant and UV resistant.

Although it might not be the biggest garage on the market, it works well for smaller vehicles and trucks, trailers or used as a form of outdoor storage. The assembly is said to be easy as is the collapse and transport. This product also comes in larger sizes as well.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 7 x 12 feet
  • Product Weight: 115.5 pounds
  • Material Type: Powdered steel and polyethylene cover
  • Easy to transport and very collapsible
  • Stands up to high winds well according to some experienced users
  • Roll-up door and full coverage cover helps protect material inside
  • Lacks venting
  • Assembly requires at least two people
  • Stakes could be made from better quality materials to maintain a high standard

5. DELTA Canopies – The Best Round Top, Large Space Shelter


This portable car garage is really made for the purpose of large storage or safely parking and covering up your vehicle. It is a larger size and although it is more expensive than many options on the list, it is this way for a reason.

The cover is made from a bonded polyethylene cover that has been crafted with an enhanced weave to make it even sturdier. It is waterproof and helps to protect from UV rays. The cover extends all the way to the ground. The front and back are both panels that can be fastened up or zippered down.

Even though this portable garage is larger than many of the other featured models, the assembly can still be done with one person if needed. While reviewing, we found that it was easiest with two people.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 20 x 12.6 x 8.1 feet
  • Product Weight: 218 pounds
  • Material Type: Galvanized steel framework and polyethylene cover
  • Easy assembly even with the larger size
  • Roll down sides help to protect from weather and dust whatever is inside
  • The shape of the garage is more aesthetically pleasing for some
  • Difficult zipping in some cases
  • For the price, not as long-lasting as some consumers would like
  • Has a difficult time holding up in a strong wind

6. ShelterLogic Outdoor Storage Shed – The Best Shelter for Small Spaces



A smaller option for those that may need storage space for materials normally stored up in a garage. This portable garage is also great to fit mowers, snow blowers, snowmobiles as well as ATVs.

The cover is made with waterproof materials and extends all the way to the ground to provide max protection for anything stored inside. It is made to be rip-proof and UV-resistant to stop it from fading. The garage is made with a ratchet system to keep it tight and clean looking around the steel frame.

The product comes with easy to follow instructions for assembly. A common complaint among portable garage users is that the garage does not stay fastened to the ground well. This product comes with stabilizing blocks and auger anchors to help keep it firmly fixed in the desired location.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 8 x 8 x 8 feet
  • Product Weight: 80 pounds
  • Material Type: Steel metal frame; triple-layer rip stop fabric
  • Ratchet and lock-in system help keeps the cover firmly secured
  • Smaller construction easier for one person to manage
  • Comes with stabilizing blocks and auger anchors to keep it secure
  • Unless protected, the cover doesn’t hold up well in inclement weather
  • Assembly is straightforward but takes a lot of time
  • Some users found the instructions difficult to understand

7. Sidewall Kit for Mega Domain – The Best Sidewall Kit for Canopy Shelters


This portable garage is designed slightly differently than many of the garages previously featured above. It comes in a creamy color and all of the walls and the front and back entrances are included in this kit. The frame and the top needs to be bought separately. 

The front door is made to be a roll-up door and the back wall is solid. The material is made from a water-resistant polyethylene material. The assembly to finish putting this product together with the initial canopy is said to be easy as it mostly ends up tying together.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 240 x 120 x 132 inches
  • Product Weight: 17 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyethylene fabric
  • A heavy-duty material that perfects the initial product
  • Water-resistant to protect materials inside
  • Tight fit with bungees that come with the product
  • The frame needs to be anchored with other materials to stay secure
  • Some users found that the sidewalls didn’t fit their frame right

8. Abba Patio 12 x 20-Feet Heavy Duty Carport – The Best Versatile Canopy Shelter


A portable garage that comes with assembly options. This garage has a front and back wall that can both easily be rolled up and fastened for ventilation or open air exhibits. The front and back panels can also be completely removed for larger accessibility.

This cover comes in two colors to provide the user with an option that will work best for their display or aesthetic blending ability. The steel frame is 1 ½ inches in diameter and made to be heavy duty. It is resistant to chipping, rusting and other corrosion.

There are foot pads that come with the product for the canopy legs. These are to help it stay secured and anchored as well as lend it more stability. The bungee cords faster to the cover and the frame to keep the cover tight.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 12 x 20 feet
  • Product Weight: 132 pounds
  • Material Type: Polyethylene cover with a power coated steel frame
  • Customers love the white color for winter storage and holds up well in the snow
  • Company exhibits excellent customer service
  • Construction and overall stability are often raved about
  • The stakes that come with the product could be stronger for higher stability
  • May need to be waterproofed over the seams if leaking begins

9. Shelter Logic Instant Garage and AutoShelter – The Best Designed Garage for Tight Coverage



The perfect size for a portable garage, this product has earned its place on the list of the best portable garages. The frame is made of a durable steel that is 1 3/8 inches thick. It is powder-coated to prevent it from rust and other corrosion.

This garage comes with a sandstone cover that is made with a triple-layer ripstop and is waterproof as well as being UV-treated to help stop color frame fading. 

The ShelterLogic manufacturers know that it is important for consumers to have a shelter that is sturdy and stays fixed. This is why they have included their patented ShelterLock stabilizers to keep the shelter fixed. It is also made with an easy slide cross rail system to lock down the squares in their frames and keep the cover tight.

The assembly is straightforward but is marketed as the easiest to do with at least two people.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 10 x 15 x 8 feet
  • Product Weight: 109 pounds
  • Material Type: Steel metal frame and sandstone cover
  • Anchors may be difficult to fix in the ground but keep it fixed in place
  • The price point is highly agreeable for those who invested in the product
  • Perfect size to remain inconspicuous while still providing car protection
  • Assembly takes a long time
  • Some consumers have trouble with deconstruction to move the product
  • Needs to be protected from areas with high winds

10. ShelterLogic Hay Storage Shelter – The Best Heavy-Duty Canopy Shelter



The final portable garage on our list of the best portable garages is another one from ShelterLogic. A durable storage garage that is bigger than its counterpart included above.

This garage is constructed with high grade, durable steel poles. They are 1 5-8 inches thick and are powder coated to help prevent chipping, peeling, rust and other corrosion.

The fabric is made of 3-layer, heat-bonded polyethylene that prevents ripping. It is marketed to be 100% waterproof and UV treated to keep from aging. Although the exterior of the cover is dark green, the interior is thoughtfully made white for increased illumination.

Key Features:

  • Product Size: 12 x 20 x 8 feet
  • Product Weight: 259 pounds
  • Material Type: Steel, powder coated frame with polyethylene cover
  • Heavy duty make holds up well in inclement weather
  • Easy assembly with two people
  • White interior helps to keep it illuminated for easy access to material inside
  • Would be beneficial if a repair kit was included
  • Instructions could be clearer

A Buyer’s Guide to Portable Garages

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Portable Garage


The first consideration to take into account is what you are hoping to use your portable garage for. The garages listed above are made for versatile uses, not only protecting vehicles. They serve as places for storage to protect from weather or they serve to shade part of the yard. Canopies are used for parties and celebrations as well. Consider what you are going to use it for before anything else.


Where do you live? Does it snow heavily there? Is it tropical, warm and humid all year round? Although manufacturers may try to cover all of these different kinds of areas, it is often difficult. Therefore, carports are often made with more attention given to heat protection or more towards the weight of snow. Look for this in customer’s reviews when considering your purchase.

Location of placement

The number one complaint that we saw with many of the consumers for all the different kinds of portable garages was how it held up against the wind. If you are planning on placing the garage in the open, be sure to check out how it will hold up. You may need to buy extra stakes if many people are experiencing problems with it falling over.

Also, keep in mind the amount of space that you have to put it in. If it is smaller, measure it out to be sure it will fit. If your car needs to fit under it, you may need to measure that as well.


The materials that are used to manufacture a portable garage have a lot to do with its overall durability. If the maximum amount of protection is what you are looking for, then buying a metal garage may be the sturdiest. If you need storage, be sure to invest in one where the cover is waterproof and UV resistant.


The size that you need will depend upon the amount of space that you have to put it in as well as what you would like to store in or under the garage. First, it needs to fit in your location. Second, it needs to be able to fulfill the purpose you bought it for and store the needed materials.


When it comes to portable garages and canopies, there are those made for easy things, like picnics and parties and those made to stand the storm. Refer back to your purpose and make sure that yours will hold up through the conditions that it may experience throughout an entire year.


How long it holds up will determine the real worth of your investment here. Does the product you are looking at have a consumer-given reputation for holding up? Does it last throughout one season and is that all you need it for? Many of the featured products on our list are made of similar materials, but it is also important how they are manufactured to determine how long they will be working for you.

Easy to assemble/install

If maneuverability is a factor that you are looking for, be sure to look into how easy it is to assemble as well as to dissemble your product. Taking hours upon hours to put it up is not going to feel as worth it if you have to take it down again in a matter of months. Some products are made with special designs to make locking the canopies up and down much easier and safer.


Not all garages will need to be completely dissembled to be moved. If moving a canopy or garage from one part of a yard to another, or another location entirely, is important, then portability will need to be accounted for. This is why the weight of each product is added to Key Features under each product.

Benefits of Using a Portable Garage

Having a traditional garage can be great if you have space and budget for it. However, even when building a garage is a consideration, there are specific benefits to using a portable garage that some may want to consider.


The first is perhaps one of the most obvious. Maneuverability allows the owner to not have to commit to one specific place for the entire length of ownership. If you are looking at expanding your house, changing up the lawn, or putting in another shed, then this may be important to not crap those other renovations.


A huge difference between a portable garage and those that are not is the price point. While building a permanent garage may end up being incredibly expensive, with the national average being at $23,000 last year, portable garages are vastly more budget-friendly. Although a more expensive one can be closer to a grand, looking for a short term yet high-quality fix lets you spend a couple of hundred dollars instead of thousands.

Space Friendly

Although a permanent garage can be built to fit whatever size is needed or available at the time, it is less ready to be changed or moved than a portable garage. If space is needed elsewhere or if it cannot fit anymore, a portable garage can be moved or dissembled. Some of them can even be partially dissembled and partially left up for extra versatility.

Coverage: UV and Heat Protection

Using a portable garage for storage and to protect your vehicle and belongings is a great option. In the garages that are known to be the best, such as those found on this list, the covers are treated to preserve what it is held below. One of the three most common protections built into them are to block UV rays, keeping the material underneath bright. The other is heat protection, helping to insulate the inside and keeping the interior from melting anything and some even protect from freezing temperatures. The last is that the covers are often made to be either waterproof or water-resistant. This helps to protect from rains and any water damage.

Best Portable Garage – Frequently Asked Questions

How long do portable garages last?

This depends on the type of portable garage that you purchase. It also depends on if you get the right kind of portable garage for the weather in your area. If it is not known to hold up well in snow and wind and your area has a lot of that, then keep in mind that it may barely get through one season.

However, if you invest in the right portable garage then they are built to last. They should last on average somewhere between 10 to 20 years.

How to reinforce a portable garage?

There are many creative ways that people can use to reinforce a portable garage. Depending on what your common problems are during the seasons, this is where you will want to focus on reinforcing the garage. 

If the roof is steel bar and canvas, more bars or rope can be slung up to allow for more roof support. If the wind is threatening to tear a sidewall, use crossbars or thin pieces of metal or tight rope in X forms along the wall. The bars can be more fortified with more steel piping. If it needs to be more secure, many people will buy extra and high value stakes to keep the garage firmly fixed to the ground.

The 10 Best Portable Garages of 2020 - Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
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