9 Tips for a Peaceful Home

tips for a peaceful home

For many people, their home is their happy place, a haven. When life gets hard, it’s the place to come back to, that allows you to relax. If your home starts to feel like it’s grating on you, bothering you and not letting you relax, it might be worth looking into. Whether it is because … Read more

19 Home Safety Tips

home safety tips

As kids grow up, parents may find it hard to let go. They may become more and more protective as the kids want to go out more and more into the big, dangerous world. However, many families don’t realize that some of the most dangerous areas can be found within their own home. From unprotected … Read more

How to Declutter your Home – A Step by Step Guide

how to declutter your home

The minimalist movement might not be for everyone, but there are times when everyone looks around at their home and thinks “How have I ended up with so much stuff?” People tend to fill whatever space they inhabit, even if they don’t mean to. Oftentimes, after living in a place for a couple of years, … Read more